My name is Tiana. I live in the foothills of sunny San Diego with my 2 daughters, 20 & 9 years of age. As well as a few rescue dogs and cats. We started out many years ago with a Bull Mastiff and a Presa Canario. In 2013 we set out on a venture to find another perfect family dog (of course sticking with the mastiff breed). We are a very loud, family with lots of friends. All of our friends have kids, dogs and visit us quite often. We needed a big dog that would not snap at other dogs and that would make the little kids feel comfortable to be around them. I know many of the breeds and their temperaments due to my work as a vet technician in earlier years. After much research and narrowing down, we decided on the Dogue De Bordeaux, AKA, French Mastiff. We then bought our first Bordeaux. He was the perfect addition and it seemed that we could have not picked a better dog. Since then we have added more dogs to our pack and we love them all.


We Love this breed because of their lackadaisical nature. We constantly have a lot going on in our very busy household and it is nice to have a dog that does not seem to care about too much other than affection. Even with the many friends and animals coming and going, our dogs don’t seem to mind at all. While these babies are very mellow in nature they are also great guard dogs. Their bark alone is enough to scare anyone. They do not require too much exercise because of their large body, they can get winded just walking to the mailbox! They all typically have the same red coat although some may be lighter and some may be darker. While they are quite large, they make great indoor dogs. They have been labeled as the perfect “apartment dog” because of the fact that they sleep a lot and would rather curl up on a couch instead of go for a hike. A Dogue De Bordeaux is a very loyal companion and will stick by your side and be your friend and protector. They also really love accepting food from little kids and are very gentle about it.


We invite you to call us to learn more about the breed and what to expect as a Dogue De Bordeaux owner and lover. Please follow us for upcoming litter announcements and planned breeding’s. And always do your research on any dog before choosing a member for your family.

bronco and daisy sleeping